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bathroom plumbing santa cruz, caFor the best in advice and quality installations and repairs for your Santa Cruz County home’s shower and bath needs, rely on the fast and reliable experts at Rosenthal Plumbing. We’ve been the plumbers of choice in thousands of other residences and businesses in the Santa Cruz County for over 35 years, and are known for our  service level guarantee.

We’ll take care of all your shower and bath needs, including:

1. On-Time Shower & Bath Plumbers

FastOur plumbers are available from multiple locations with fully-stocked service vehicles, enabling us to respond to your calls fast. You can even choose a time that is convenient to you and we’ll be there on-time.

2. Leaking or Clogged Shower & Bath Repairs, Fast

If your shower or tub is leaking, we have specialist equipment that can quickly locate the leak and we can repair it fast to minimize damage to the area surrounding. We can also locate and remove all clogs and blockages fast so you can enjoy your bathroom again today.

3. Bathroom Remodels and Upgrades

We can assist with all your bathroom upgrades and remodelling needs from sourcing the right fixtures to a complete professional installation that will have you enjoying your new bathroom fast.

We Understand Plumbing Problems are Stressful.

That’s why here at Rosenthal Plumbing we get your home back in order - fast!

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4. Low Water Pressure Problems

If you’re experiencing low or intermittent water pressure, we can investigate and diagnose the cause of the problem, such as a leak or blockage and perform any necessary repairs quickly to restore the desired water flow back to normal for you.

5. Mobility Upgrades

If you are looking to make your bathroom more accessible for the elderly or less mobile members of your home, Rosenthal Plumbing can help. Whether it’s ADA compliant faucets or a walk-in bath, we can provide expert installations for you.

6. Never run out of hot water!

Never run out of hot water again with a tankless water heating solution professionally installed today. You can read more on this page here.

7. Fully Licensed and Insured

Rosenthal Plumbing is fully licensed and insured for all your bathroom plumbing needs.

8. Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

Rosenthal Plumbing have been delighting customers for over 25 years, so you can be sure we know how to delight our customers each and every time they choose our service.

9. Written Warranties

Enjoy the best in quality workmanship that is fully backed by a written warranty for your extra peace of mind.

10. Transparent Pricing

Know the full price in advance with our transparent up-front pricing policy that provides you with a clear per-job price.

For all your shower and bath needs for your home in the Santa Cruz County, call and speak with the experts at Rosenthal Plumbing today.

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