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Drain Cleaning Santa Cruz

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A clogged drain in Santa Cruz can become quite the inconvenience at your property. Whether it’s the toilet, sink, shower, or tub that’s out of commission, you can count on the expert drain cleaning services of Rosenthal Plumbing team for drain cleaning in Santa Cruz.

In our 35 years of serving the Santa Cruz area, our drain cleaning experts have dealt with every kind of clogged drain that you can imagine, so let us take care of whatever is keeping yours from working well.


Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Sometimes, it’s pretty clear that you need drain cleaning in Santa Cruz. You may have a clog that you can’t clear. However, if the problem goes deeper than that, it can be hard to tell exactly what needs to happen. Here are some signs that indicate you need Santa Cruz drain cleaning:

  • You can’t get the clog to budge. If you’re used to dealing with clogged drains in a certain way and that method isn’t working, call us right away. You may have a different type of clog than before or there may be something else going on!
  • Your clog has created a plumbing emergency. If there’s water flowing all over your kitchen or bathroom because of a clogged drain, call our drain cleaning services team right away. We’ll do our best to limit the damage done to your home.
  • Repeated clogs. Every home suffers a clogged drain now and then. Maybe you put too much down it at once or your children washed something down that doesn’t belong there. If, however, your drains need cleaning regularly, it’s time to call a plumber. We can figure out why the problem keeps repeating itself and fix it once and for all. 
  • Clogs throughout the house. If all of your drains start clogging at once, that’s a sign that there’s a problem somewhere down the line. All of your drains flow into your sewer, so you may need to have that line cleaned out. When one drain has an issue, the problem is likely local. When they all have issues, you’ll want a professional to figure out what’s going on. 
  • A sewer smell. If your clogged drains come accompanied by a bad smell, it means that there is a clog in one of your larger pipes or in your sewer. Usually, sewer gases escape the same way the water does – by going down the drain. When they can’t escape that way, they will often come back into your home and you’ll smell them until you deal with the problem.
  • Wet spots in your yard. Sometimes a sewer clog will cause backflow into your yard, rather than into your home. If you notice wet spots in your yard that you can’t explain any other way, call a plumber. He or she can tell you if the problem is with your sewer and what needs to be done to clean that drain.
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Sewer Drain Inspections

Our drain cleaning process almost always starts with an inspection, whether the clog is located in your indoor plumbing or in your sewer line. For our sewer drain inspections, we offer state-of-the-art sewer camera inspection. We’ll thread a camera on a flexible cord down through the sewer access in your home. This will allow us to see what is going on in your sewer all the way to the place in the street where it joins with the city sewer system. In the city of Santa Cruz, sewer lateral inspections are the responsibility of the owner before selling a property. What goes on in this part of the sewer is your responsibility, so it’s important to know what is going on there!

Sewer Cleaning Santa Cruz

Facing sewer troubles in Santa Cruz? You’re in the right place! At Rosenthal, we’re experts in sewer cleaning in Santa Cruz that residents can rely on. With top-notch tools and a dedicated team, we tackle everything from tree roots to common blockages. We’ve made it our mission to ensure our sewer cleaning in Santa Cruz homes is hassle-free and effective. Don’t let clogs slow you down; reach out to us for swift and reliable service!


Say Goodbye to Clogged Drains In Santa Cruz

After doing a comprehensive inspection of the issue, our Santa Cruz plumbers will get to work banishing the blockage or buildup from your drain. Typically, we can use one of our plumbing snakes to pull out most clogs, or can use hydrojetting to clear it away. For trickier cases in Santa Cruz, we have high-tech fiber optic drain cameras that can give us a better look at what is going on. No matter the size or what it’s made of, our drain cleaning plumbers can take care of your clogged drains in Santa Cruz. Once the culprit of the clogged drain is gone, we will make sure everything is flowing fine at your Santa Cruz home or business before heading on our way.

24/7 Emergency Santa Cruz Drain Cleaning Service

We won’t make you wait around for drain cleaning in Santa Cruz. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so when you call us for drain cleaning services, we come out quickly and get to work so you can enjoy being clog-free the very same day. Even if it is midnight or 3 a.m. and you need the help of a drain cleaning plumber, you can count on the Rosenthal Plumbing team. Our 24/7 emergency services are designed to make sure none of our clients have to wait for assistance.

Santa Cruz Drain Cleaning Experts

Drain cleaning in Santa Cruz, especially sewer drains, can be stressful if you’re a homeowner who hasn’t dealt with them before. Trust us at Rosenthal Plumbing, though, and let that stress melt away. We’ll take care of the problem quickly and efficiently so you can get back to focusing on your everyday life. Book your drain cleaning service today!

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