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Water Treatment in Santa Cruz

Your home and business deserve the best water treatment solutions in Santa Cruz, customized to meet your unique needs. The team at Rosenthall Plumbing takes pride in offering the best water conditioning in Santa Cruz County and works on all types of systems. We also handle both residential and commercial plumbing issues to restore the quality of your water while ensuring your system is working as efficiently and safely as possible. Reach out to us for all of your water treatment needs!


Water Testing

water purification santa cruz ca

As a premier Santa Cruz County water testing company, the team at Rosenthall Plumbing will run a water test to determine what’s going on with your water quality and what type of services and solutions you need. We’ll come up with a solution and upfront, transparent pricing to address poor taste, hard water, minerals, or other issues and restore your peace of mid.

Our expert plumbers will get to work on your Santa Cruz County water testing as quickly as possible and make the experience seamless. After running a diagnostic test, we’ll let you know the results and talk about the possible solutions, such as water filtration or water purification, and what makes the most sense for your home. Once you’re settled on the solution you want, we’ll get to work installing and implementing it and going over any maintenance information or next steps.

We can test your water supply for issues, including:

  • pH
  • Iron
  • Nitrates
  • TDS
  • Hardness

Call us today to discuss your water needs and we’ll come out and take a look.

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Our Santa Cruz County Water Treatment Services

Chemical contaminants and mineral buildup are usually the two main issues that are involved with water treatment in Santa Cruz County. It’s also possible we’ll recommend the same solution for either problem, which can help streamline the process and clean up your water. After testing your home or business’ existing water supply, we’ll go over the possibilities, costs, and timeframes to get you the water conditioning in Santa Cruz County solutions you need.

Santa Cruz County’s Top Commercial Plumbers

Ready to restore the flavor, quality, and integrity of your water? Call us today! Make your appointment with a Rosenthal Plumbing expert and we’ll get to work on all of your water quality or any of your plumbing needs.


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