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Replacing your Shower Head

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Is your shower head not working right? Maybe it sprays water everywhere or it doesn’t have the water pressure that it used to. Or maybe you just want to try a different shower head or you’re going for a new look in your bathroom. No matter the reason why you’re changing your shower head, it’s easy to do on your own. Here’s some steps to help get your new shower head on and working:

  1. Choose your new shower head. Consider the color of the other fixtures in your bathroom, as well as any special features you would like it to have. Many people like massaging shower heads, while other people prefer ones that sprinkle water like rain
  2. Remove your old shower head. You may simply be able to turn it to the right and unscrew it. If that doesn’t work, use some slip-joint pliers with electrical tape or a towel between the pliers and the shower head to ensure you don’t scratch its surface.
  3. Clean the threads where you will screw it on. Depending on what you find on there, this may be as easy as wiping it with a cloth. However, you may need to use some solvents to dissolve rust, minerals, and more.
  4. Wrap some Teflon tape around the threads, pushing it down into each one as much as possible. Finally, screw your shower head onto the tape, over the threads. They should help it seal, so water doesn’t spray everywhere when it runs into the shower head.

If you are installing a hand-held showerhead or one that is more complex than a simple fixed head, follow the directions on the package. You may decide that you want to call a plumber if it looks more complex than what you’re comfortable with. Our Santa Cruz plumbers would be happy to make sure your shower head gets installed perfectly the very first time. Give us at Rosenthal Plumbing a call for any shower or bathroom plumbing installation in Santa Cruz or the surrounding areas!

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