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Plumbing Services in Santa Cruz, CA

For more than three decades, Rosenthal Plumbing has been the go-to source when property owners need a reliable Santa Cruz plumbing company. We provide a wide range of quality plumbing services in Santa Cruz, CA, from repairs and maintenance to installations and replacements.

Anything involving your pipes, drains, sewer line, water heater, bathroom fixtures or kitchen fixtures can easily be handled by our experienced team of plumbers in Santa Cruz, CA.

Hiring us means you have a dedicated team of professionals working hard to make things right at your home or business. Call us today to learn more about our Santa Cruz plumbing services!


Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance

Keeping up with the regular maintenance of your appliances like water heaters is important, so hire a professional to stay on top of it at your place in Santa Cruz. Making sure the unit is cleaned out and that all the necessary plumbing maintenance and upkeep measures are taken can make your unit work better and last longer.

Regardless of how well you take care of the system, things happen and eventually you’ll likely need plumbing services in Santa Cruz, CA of some sort. When that happens, make Rosenthal Plumbing the company you choose, as no matter what the problem is we are sure to get to the bottom of it and get it fixed.

Our plumbers will come to your aid when something breaks, is leaking, or for any other issue. From minor things like leaky faucets to major leaks in water heaters or sewer and water lines, there isn’t anything that our skilled plumbing repair team can’t fix. We also specialize in drain and pipe cleaning, and will use snaking or hydro jetting to get out any kind of clog that may be blocking things.

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Plumbing Installations in Santa Cruz

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When you need some part of your plumbing replaced or need to add to your system, our Santa Cruz plumbing services cover installations as well. There are a number of reasons why people call us for plumbing installation services like remodeling, upgrading, or replacing something due to damage or age. We are happy to help you with the following plumbing services in Santa Cruz:

  • Kitchen plumbing – Let us handle the installation of pipes, sinks, faucets, new sink and floor drains, garbage disposal units, ice machines, and dishwashers.
  • Bathroom plumbing – We can install showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, and floor drains.
  • Hot water heaters – Our plumbers can assist if you need to replace your water heater or looking to upgrade to a tankless model,
  • Pipes – If you need to replace pipes or add pipes after a remodel, we can take care of it.
  • Water quality – If you are interested in water purification, water softening and conditioning, or water filtration, we can install products that help to clean the water at your property.

Top Plumbing Service in Santa Cruz

Rely on the first-class, professional expertise from the team at Rosenthal for plumbing services in Santa Cruz, CA. We are a third-generation family-owned company that is dedicated to offering assistance when people in Santa Cruz require an expert’s help. Call us for plumbing repairs, maintenance, installations, and more!

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