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Drain & Sewer Service in Santa Cruz

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You can rely on our Santa Cruz plumbing company for all of your rooter, drain and sewer service needs in Santa Cruz, CA.

Rosenthal Plumbing has been providing fast, on-time service and expert solutions for issues with sewer and drain systems for over 45 years. So if you’re searching for “expert sewer or drain service near me”, you’ve found it!

In that time, we have performed drain repairs and sewer repairs at many residential and commercial properties throughout Santa Cruz County, and would be glad to also extend our services to you.


Drain Cleaning

When you have a stubborn clog, make Rosenthal Plumbing your first call. We are your experts in drain cleaning in Santa Cruz and we promise that we’ll eliminate your clog as soon as possible. Even if it is the middle of the night and you need drain cleaning in Santa Cruz, you can call our 24-hour line and an expert will answer.

Our Santa Cruz plumbers come equipped with everything they need to make quick work of your clog. Most of the time, a single visit is all it takes to get the clear pipes you need when you want your plumbing to work well, whether if the clog is in your indoor plumbing or your sewer line

Sewer Cleaning

When you need sewer cleaning in Santa Cruz, you don’t have time to waste. We know how hard it is to live well when you can’t use your sewer normally or when it is backing up into your home. That’s why our sewer experts will be on their way to you as soon as they can after your call!

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If your clog is deep in your system or in your sewer line, we’ll use hydro jetting in Santa Cruz to get it out. This process involves shooting a highly pressurized stream of water into your pipes. We control the pressure and the direction of the spray, so we can use it to both break up your clog and clean off the sides of your pipes. 

Hydro jetting is a fast way to get rid of difficult clogs, and using it means that we don’t have to dig up your yard or put holes in your walls. Instead, your plumber in Santa Cruz will make your clog go away in just a few hours. 

Sewer Line Repair In Santa Cruz

No matter what has gone wrong with your sewer line, we’ll fix it as quickly and efficiently as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a crack or a break in your line, a belly in the line, or if your line has shifted and is now too flat. Our team will resolve your sewer problems fast.

Whenever it’s the best option, we’ll use trenchless sewer repair techniques to deal with your sewer problems. These technologies allow us to complete your sewer repair in Santa Cruz without digging up your yard. They can save you time, money, and quite a bit of hassle.


Trenchless Sewer Repair In Santa Cruz

Whenever possible, we will fix any cracks or leaks with trenchless sewer repair methods. We understand that you don’t want your yard in Santa Cruz ripped up for no reason, and usually we can find a way to get everything done with minimal disruption.

Rooter Service

Tree roots can get into any sewer line. If your lines are old or you have big trees with large roots, the problem can be even worse. Tree roots can cause breaks and cracks in your sewer lines, and they can clog them up, too. 

Our team can get rid of these tree roots for you fast. We’ll determine the best way, based on the type of pipe you have and the extent of tree root infiltration. Then we’ll get them out fast and get your sewer working well again soon.


Sewer Scope Technology

Rosenthal Plumbing has the latest diagnostic technology to find the source of any blockage or leak, including fiber optic sewer scope and drain cameras that can show us exactly what is going on inside your pipes. This helps us provide an accurate diagnosis, which will save you both time and money in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Sewer Lateral Ordinance

Did you know that as a Santa Cruz property owner, you are responsible for all sewer line repairs and replacements, and if there’s an issue that hasn’t been fixed, you could be fined? Learn more about the city and county’s sewer system ordinance.

Santa Cruz’s Source for Drain & Sewer Service

For over 35 years, Rosenthal Plumbing has been the trusted local choice for sewer and drain service in Santa Cruz, CA. Our team of fully licensed and insured plumbers is available to assist with on a 24/7 basis, so reach out whenever you need help with sewer repair in Santa Cruz County. You’ll be delighted with the expert level of service you receive when you hire us for drain repairs or sewer repairs. Stop searching for “drain service near me” and call Rosenthal Plumbing!

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Drain & Sewer FAQ

Does Rosenthal Plumbing offer drain cleaning services?

Yes, Rosenthal Plumbing offers professional drain cleaning services throughout Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area. Our plumbers will determine the location, size and nature of the clog and then use the most appropriate method to get rid of it!

What is trenchless sewer repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is a method of repairing a sewer line that uses state-of-the-art technology, making it less intrusive than traditional methods of sewer repair, ultimately costing less and creating less of a mess in your yard!

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a drain and sewer cleaning method that involves sending a powerful stream of high-pressured water through pipes to remove clogs and thoroughly clean them out.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection involves sending a flexible cable with a camera on one end, down a sewer line. This allows us to inspect a line, as we get a clear view of any breaks, cracks, clogs and more!

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