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Sewer Camera Inspections Santa Cruz, CA

sewer pipe camera inspection near me santa cruz caIf you suspect there is something wrong with the sewer lines at your property, do not delay on calling out drain and sewer professionals like those on staff at Rosenthal Plumbing. Our sewer scope services are a way to find out exactly what is going on in the pipes so that we can better decide how to go about fixing it. We use high-tech cameras to help gather this valuable information and provide our customers in Santa Cruz with reliable repairs.

Sewer issues are very serious situations; so at the first inclination that your property’s system might have a problem, call us out. Some indications of sewer concerns include water backing up, the ground around the home shifty slightly, or if you have an old building with clay pipes. Rosenthal offers sewer camera inspections in Santa Cruz that provide us with all the details needed to decide how to proceed.

Our Sewer Inspection Cameras

We have fiber optic cameras that we send through your sewer to inspect where an issue may be. This process will let us know if there are any clogs are what they are composed of, if the piping is cracked or damaged at all, or if tree roots have infiltrated the lines. Once the sewer scope tells us what we are up against, we can move to getting things remediated.

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Sewer Scope Services & More

In the event that our sewer scope does find an issue at your place in Santa Cruz, you can trust that we will handle whatever it is. Minor things can usually be handled by our plumbing snaking experts, while we handle more stubborn things through hydrojetting and various other trenchless methods.


Santa Cruz Sewer Camera Inspection Specialists

Make Rosenthal Plumbing your go-to company for when you are suddenly faced with an issue at your Santa Cruz property. With over 35 years of experience and high-tech sewer scope equipment, we are sure to figure out what is going on. Call us when you need help!

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