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Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA

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Don’t you want the best in the business handling any service regarding the sinks and faucets in your property’s bathrooms and kitchen?

Those who need something installed or replaced or those who need help with a leaky faucet can trust in the sink plumbing experts at Rosenthal.

Our team is comprised of professional plumbers who have been coming to the aid of Santa Cruz property owners for over 35 years, so you can feel confident making us your trusted choice for service.


Sink & Faucet Installations & Replacements

Rosenthal Plumbing can assist you in choosing what kind of sink and faucets to install at your Santa Cruz property. We will go over the wide range of options for design and functionality, from things with a modern and versatile feel to those that are simple and practical. If you have limited hand mobility, we can help you get ADA compliant faucets that are easier to operate. When you need sink or faucet replacement, our staff is sure to make certain you get equipped with exactly what you envision.

Sink & Faucet Repair Services

When you need sink or faucet repairs, we can get a sink plumbing expert to you quickly. Our company works 24/7, so we can respond to your emergency calls at any time of the day or night. We have specialist equipment that allows us to quickly unblock clogged sinks, as well as tools to repair leaky faucets. Regardless of the exact problem at your place in Santa Cruz, you can trust that calling us out for sink and faucet repairs means it will be solved soon.


Santa Cruz Services for Faucets & Sink Plumbing

Rely on Rosenthal Plumbing for any work needed regarding sinks or faucets at your property. Our team of fully licensed and insured plumbers has helped thousands of people in the Santa Cruz area and would be glad to extend our services to you. Contact us to receive upfront pricing and friendly service from our family owned and operated business!

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