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Toilet Repair Santa Cruz, CA

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For expert assistance with a leaking toilet, clogged toilet, or any other septic situation, you can rely on the rapid response and quality service of Rosenthal Plumbing for your toilet repair in Santa Cruz.

We’ve been providing quality plumbing services in Santa Cruz for over 35 years, and in that time we have seen and dealt with it all. No matter what exactly you need the aid of our toilet repair professionals for, we are sure to get it done.



Professional Toilet Plumbing in Santa Cruz

Our crew is always punctual and shows up at your property quickly when you call for help. We know you don’t want to have to deal with a clogged or leaking toilet any longer than necessary, so we work fast to remediate things and get everything back to normal. The plumbers on staff will treat your property with respect, using shoe covers and work mats and cleaning up after themselves. And satisfaction is guaranteed on every job we do in the Santa Cruz area, so you can feel confident in hiring to work on your toilet plumbing.
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Santa Cruz’s Toilet Repair Service

If you have a clogged toilet, call us to come help. Our Santa Cruz plumbers will take a look and quickly identify the cause of the blockage and come up with a plan for your toilet repair. A leaking toilet is also another thing you should contact Rosenthal about, because if left unattended, it could cause serious damage to your property or inflate the cost of your water bill.


Toilet Installation

We specialize in plumbing installation for bathroom remodels, so if you are thinking of upgrading or replacing your toilet, we can discuss the wide range of options available. Allow us to get you set up with a toilet that is modern and water-efficient, a luxury toilet with heated seat and bidet, or an ADA–compliant toilet. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you get it for your place in Santa Cruz.

Call for Toilet Repairs & More!

If you need a plumber’s help with a toilet at your Santa Cruz County home or business, call the friendly team at Rosenthal Plumbing. Our many decades in business doing toilet repairs, installations, and more makes us well-qualified to handle all your needs. Reach out today!

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