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How to Fix A Running Toilet

how to fix a running toilet

Do you find yourself asking “Why does my toilet keep running?” or feel like your toilet never shuts off? Maybe it stops running eventually, but it runs a long time before it gets there.

Either way, you’re wasting money on water when your toilet keeps running, and the ongoing sound is enough to drive many people crazy. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to diagnose and take care of the issue. Keep reading to learn how to fix a running toilet!

1) Turn Off the Water

There is usually a valve underneath or behind the toilet that will let you turn off that water just to the toilet. If that is stuck or you can’t find it, though, you can always turn off the water to your whole house. This stops the toilet from running and will give you a chance to find the leak.

2) Check the Flapper

If the flapper in your toilet is broken, torn, or has gotten old and doesn’t seal well anymore, your toilet will leak. Check your flapper for cracks or holes, and make sure it is covering the drain the way it should. If it’s not, go to the hardware store, get an identical one, and replace it.

3) Test the Fill Valve

If the problem isn’t in your stopper, it might be in your fill valve. Flush the toilet, then lift up on the float arm. If the water stops, adjust the arm so that the toilet will fill up to about half of an inch below the top of the overflow pipe. If it’s still leaking, replace your fill valve with an identical one from the hardware store.

Still Can’t Stop Your Toilet from Running?

If you try all of these options and your toilet still runs all the time, it’s probably time to call in a professional. Reach out to us at Rosenthal Plumbing, and we’ll send out a toilet expert to get your toilet working the way it’s supposed to. Remember, you’ll save money in the long run when you aren’t paying elevated water bills every month! And be sure to prevent toilet clogs by remember what not to flush.

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