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The Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

things you shouldn't flush down the toilet

With some people hoarding all the toilet paper, pipes across the country are overflowing because people are using TP substitutes and still trying to flush them. Avoid this problem and having to call a Santa Cruz plumber for emergency drain and sewer services by not putting any of the following items down the toilet!

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1) Wipes of Any Type

Baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, any type of wet wipes…your plumbing isn’t made to handle them. They don’t disintegrate like toilet paper and they get stuck a lot more easily. They also clump together over time to form clogs you don’t even want to think about.

2) Paper Towels

It’s paper, right? Wrong! Paper towels (and napkins, for that matter) are more robust than toilet paper and so they don’t get as small to fit through your pipes. Bag them up and throw them away if you have to, but don’t put them down the toilet!

3) Feminine Hygiene Products

Pads and tampons can actually expand when they get wet, which makes flushing them a total no-go. Wrap them or bag them and put them in the trash can instead!

4) Q-Tips and Cotton Balls

These don’t break down at all, so they’re great if you want to have something clump together in your pipes to create massive clogs. Once again, put them in the trash where they belong or don’t use them at all. In fact, we don’t really care what you do with them as long as they don’t go in your toilet!

5) Hair

Hair might be organic but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to cause clogs. Since hair actually doesn’t break very easily, it can form massive clogs. When it combines with things like grease or dental floss, it makes for massive problems that are costly to remove.

Don’t create a plumbing problem for yourself. Dispose of these items in the proper way and avoid a major clog in your pipes so you won’t have to call Rosenthal Plumbing for drain cleaning anytime soon! If you do get a clogged toilet or it just won’t flush, try the tips in this blog post, or give us at Rosenthal a call.

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