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Plumbing Services in Watsonville

Whether the job is big or small, when you’re looking for plumbing in Watsonville, you usually need someone now. At Rosenthal Plumbing, we will get you scheduled quickly, show up on time, and get your plumbing working as soon as possible!

Our plumbing services are comprehensive. We will take care of dripping faucets, overflowing toilets, clogged drains, replacing garbage disposal units and more. We handle the big jobs, too, so if you’re looking at a kitchen or bathroom remodel, significant upgrades, or even work on your sewer line, give us a call today!

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Professional Watsonville Plumbing Services

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You don’t want just anybody working on your plumbing. After all, you don’t want to hassle with it again in a few weeks. At Rosenthal, our plumbers are highly trained and extremely skilled. They know just how to handle even the worst plumbing nightmares with precision and speed.

Our plumbers are even trained in dealing with things that some others might not know about. They can help you with water purification and/or conditioning, for example, and can consult with you about backflow prevention. They are familiar with sewer problems, too, and are experts in trenchless sewer repair techniques. Whether your problem is big or small, common or uncommon, we have people who can help get your home running well again.

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Emergency Plumbing

When something goes wrong with your Watsonville plumbing, you need someone to come out now. Not tomorrow or the next day, but now. When you call us, we’ll first see if we can help you mitigate some of the damage that a plumbing emergency can cause. We’ll help you find your house’s water shutoff valve, if you don’t already know where it is, and walk you through how to turn that off.

Watsonville Plumbing Repair

We’ll get a plumber out to you as soon as possible to assess the issue and determine what needs to be done to fix it. They’ll walk you through what the repair will entail and, once you agree to it, will get everything back to normal as soon as possible. You shouldn’t have to live with broken plumbing for days. Instead, call us and let us send a plumber out when it’s convenient for you. We’ll get everything back to normal quickly, so you can get on with your life.

Drain Cleaning Watsonville

There’s not much that’s more annoying, as a homeowner, than having a drain back up on you. After all, there’s no convenient time to drop everything and deal with a problem in your Watsonville home. Our plumbing experts will take care of your issue quickly and efficiently with our drain cleaning in Watsonville, so you can get back to whatever you were doing!

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing in Watsonville

Clogged Sink Drains

We see clogged kitchen and bathroom sinks all the time! Sometimes, something foreign accidentally washes down the drain and it just doesn’t work right anymore. Other times, minerals, soap residue, and other things build up over time, causing a clog that forms slowly.

A drain that clogs quickly will suddenly stop working, and then it’s clear that you need drain cleaning in Watsonville soon. Other times, though, the clog will form over time. You may notice that your sink sometimes drains slowly or that there is water standing in it hours after the last use. These are signs that a clog is forming, and you probably want to get it cleared soon, so it doesn’t clog completely and leave you without the use of your sink. When our Watsonville plumbers come to fix your clogged sink, they will first assess the problem. They’ll determine where the clog is most likely to be and which tools they’ll need to complete the job.


Broken Faucets

A common sink problem is a broken faucet. This can mean a faucet that sprays water everywhere, one that leaks at its base, or one that drips even after you’ve turned it completely off. When your faucet doesn’t work, it usually means that your sink is out of commission until it’s fixed. We know how inconvenient that is! Call us at Rosenthal, and we’ll have someone out as soon as possible.

Low Water Pressure

A common shower/tub plumbing problem that we see regularly is that the water pressure has dropped. This is more common in showers than in tubs, though we have seen it in both. Water pressure usually drops because minerals have built up somewhere in the plumbing system. These stop the water from running as freely, so the pressure you experience is lower. This buildup most commonly happens in the shower head itself, though it can also happen in a pipe or a valve.

Toilet Leaks

When you see water around the base of the toilet in your home, it’s time to call a plumber in Watsonville. This means that something is leaking, most likely the seal at the bottom of your toilet. If you don’t take care of the problem quickly, you can end up with damage to your bathroom flooring, as well as problems with the ceiling or foundation below the leak.

Professional Sewer Cleaning Watsonville

If the sewer lines at your property are dirty, we can come to take care of it with expert sewer cleaning in Watsonville. Our plumbers have professional tools that are specifically designed for sewer cleaning, and that will work to easily clear out anything that is stuck inside the pipes like clogs or built-up residue and sediment. In no time at all, we will have things back to normal at your property in Watsonville.

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Watsonville Sewer Line Repair Service

We have a large arsenal of tools that we can use for cleaning and sewer line repair in Watsonville. Our staff can take a look at your system and decide what the best route for fixing it may be. With our sewer repair team on the job, you can trust everything will be handled in a professional manner.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Most people think that sewer line repair involves digging a huge trench the entire length of the sewer. This is not only expensive and time-consuming, but it also means that homeowners end up having to replace entire yards, including driveways, walkways, and more.

Trenchless sewer repair techniques allow us to fix your sewer with a maximum of one or two small holes. These will need to be filled when the work is done but they will not disrupt your life in any major way. We’ll perform your sewer line repair via the access portal inside your house so you can get back to your regular life without any major stress.

There are many techniques we can perform to get your sewer back to normal. We’ll determine which one is right for you based on the specifics of the sewer line repair you need, after a detailed sewer line inspection of what is going on at your place in Watsonville.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Our plumbers have top-of-the-line technology to examine any kind of problem that is located deep within your sewer system. Using our sewer inspection cameras in Watsonville, we are able to send a video scope down there and get a close view of everything happening, instead of having to dig up your yard and disrupt things at your property.

Water Heater Repair Service

That’s where we come in! When you call Rosenthal Plumbing for water heater repair in Watsonville, you know that you don’t have to worry anymore. Your trusted plumber in Watsonville will diagnose the problem, let you know what’s going on, and get everything fixed as soon as we possibly can. We know that you need hot water and, more than that, you need to get back to your life. That’s why we strive to do excellent work and to do it quickly!


Signs You May Need Water Heater Replacement

watsonville plumber replacing water heater

You may need a water heater repair even if, technically, you still have hot water running in your home. It’s also possible that your water heater could be beyond repair or it simply might be more financially sound to invest in a new water heater altogether. We’ll be sure to let you know if we recommend water heater replacement in Watsonville. You may need water heater repair or replacement if you have:

  • Lukewarm water. If your water can’t get hot, there’s likely a problem somewhere in the water heater itself. We’ll figure out what’s going on and get everything working before your hot water disappears completely.
  • Less hot water. If your hot water doesn’t last through your shower anymore, or you used to be able to shower while the dishwasher was running but you can’t anymore, something has gone wrong with your water heater. Maybe one of the tanks isn’t filling all the way. Whatever the problem is, we’ll get everything back to normal so you can live the way you need to live.
  • Noises from your water heater. Most water heaters run almost silently. If you are noticing clanks, bangs, bonks, and more while your water heater is running, it’s time to get it checked out. Something isn’t working right inside, and we’ll fix it before it becomes a major issue for you and your family.
  • Water on the floor. If you notice water pooling around your water heater, it’s time to call a plumber. Water heaters can leak for a number of reasons. We will examine your heater, figure out what’s going wrong, and get it repaired so your hot water will keep flowing.
  • A pilot light that keeps going out. Your pilot light for your water heater should stay lit without too much trouble. When you have to relight it all the time, it’s a good idea to call someone. You may be experiencing trouble with your gas lines, which is not something you want to mess with. We’ll get that fixed for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Your Trusted Watsonville Plumbers

When you call Rosenthal Plumbing, you get the benefit of dealing with expert plumbers in Watsonville. We will use our expertise, all of the tricks of our trade, to help solve your plumbing problems, or even to design a new plumbing system for your home. Plumbing problems can be worrisome, but when you call us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We’ll keep you informed about all the steps necessary to fix your plumbing issues and how much it will cost, this way you’re rarely surprised. Then we get right to work to fix our Watsonville plumbing and we won’t leave until the job is done and you’re satisfied. Give us at Rosenthal Plumbing a call today!

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