What Makes a Plumber Trustworthy?

We know that there are horror stories about plumbers out there. In fact, we’ve probably heard everything! Since we try to be trustworthy and reliable for you, these stories are as painful for us as they probably are for you. We hate hearing about the ways that people in our industry make customers feel bad or make it harder for them to get their home working well again. 

In an effort to be transparent, we want you to know how we work and what we do to gain our customers’ trust and get their plumbing working again.

Our Plumbers Aren’t Salesmen

When our plumbers come to your house, they aren’t trying to sell you anything. They don’t make any extra money if you make purchases after they visit your home. If you need a simple, quick plumbing fix, they make as much money as they would if you buy a new water heater or install a top-of-the-line water filtration system. 

This motivates them to tell you the truth, all the time. Since their income doesn’t depend on whether or not you make a major purchase, they don’t have any reason to try to get you to buy more than what you need. They will simply get you the very best fix for whatever is going on with your house so you can get back to your regular schedule as soon as possible. 

This also gives them the space to offer you different options and explain them all. Since their income won’t change based on the repair or replacement option you choose, you won’t have to worry about whether or not they are explaining things thoroughly. Instead, you’ll be able to trust that you’re getting an honest explanation and assessment of every available choice.

Our Plumbers are Highly Trained

We don’t just require our plumbers to have solid training when they come to work for us, we also require them to continually learn about new technologies in the field. That way, they can help you get the very best options for you, every single time. 

No matter what it takes, our plumber will make sure that your home is running well again soon. They aren’t motivated by sales, so you’ll be able to rest assured that they are giving you an honest opinion from an experienced perspective every time.

When you need reliable plumbing help, call us at Rosenthal today!

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Why Does My Toilet Gurgle & Bubble?

Has your toilet started bubbling or gurgling? These sounds may occur right after you flush, or they may happen at irregular intervals. Sometimes, they even happen when you haven’t used your toilet in a while. 

If you’ve noticed your toilet making unusual sounds, here’s what you need to know.

Is Toilet Bubbling Normal?

Most of the time, a bubbling toilet is NOT normal. It usually indicates a problem in your drain or sewer lines, or in your vent stack (the way that sewer gases escape your home).

Why Do Toilets Bubble?

Toilets bubble when negative pressure builds up in the lines. When water and waste cannot flow properly, the air pressure in your pipes is negatively affected. Eventually, this pressure releases. 

When this happens, it pushes air back up your line. You may just hear a sudden gurgling noise from your toilet or you may see the water bubble. If enough pressure is released, your toilet may flush spontaneously. 

What Should I Do If My Toilet Bubbles?

Depending on how bad the clog is, you may be able to address the problem yourself, or you may need to call a plumber.

Start by reaching out to your neighbors. If they are having similar problems, the issue likely exists in the city sewer line, not in the drain or sewer specific to your home. 

If they aren’t experiencing it, you can try plunging your toilet or snaking it. If that doesn’t work, give us a call at Rosenthal. We’ll send out a professional plumber to find your clog and eliminate it fast. 

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Common Summer Plumbing Problems You Should Watch Out For

Some Santa Cruz plumbing problems are more common in the summer than at any other time of year. Here’s what you should be watching for this summer so you can keep your home working well all summer long. If you do experience these or other plumbing this summer, don’t hesitate to call your local Santa Cruz and Santa Clara plumber.

Flooded Basements

Sudden thunderstorms or downpours are more common in the summer than at other times of the year. These can flood your basement and do a lot of damage quickly. If you don’t have a sump pump, consider installing one. If you do have one, take a few minutes to test it before the next storm comes. 

Sprinkler Problems

Sprinkler heads break relatively easily, especially with increased foot traffic on lawns and with the weekly use of lawn mowers. These can cause all sorts of flooding and other plumbing problems. Make sure you check your sprinklers regularly during the summer and that you replace any broken parts as soon as possible. You can also check for overgrown or soggy areas on your lawn, as this can indicate a sprinkler issue. 

Clogged Shower Drains

When you spend time at the lake, the river, the beach, or even out in your backyard, you end up with more dirt and debris washing off in the shower. It can be hard for your normal water pressure to wash these all the way down the drain and into your sewer. You can end up with significant clogs after everyday activities. Do your best to rinse off with a hose before you shower to avoid needing drain cleaning services.

If you do run into any summer plumbing problems, call us at Rosenthal Plumbing right away. We’ll have an expert Santa Cruz plumber to your door fast!

7 Signs You Have A Plumbing Leak

When water is spraying everywhere, it’s usually pretty clear you’ve got a plumbing leak. However, leaks can be hidden or subtle, too. Here are some signs that you have a water leak and should call a local plumber fast.

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Signs You Have A Water Leak

  1. You have unexplained and persistent mold or mildew growth. Mold and mildew love dampness, so it’s important that you keep your eye out for them. If you’re constantly cleaning and it doesn’t go away, or you smell a musty odor even though you’ve cleaned and cleaned, chances are good that you have a hidden leak somewhere.
  2. Your water meter moves all the time. If you check out your water meter and it’s constantly ticking, even when you know no one is using water or you’ve turned off your main water valve to test it, then you have a plumbing leak somewhere. 
  3. Your water bills keep going up. If you keep spending more and more on water even though you aren’t using any more water, it’s time to look for a leak. Make sure that any spikes you see aren’t due to seasonal changes by comparing your bills now to the ones from a year ago. If there’s a significant change, look for a leak.
  4. You notice wet spots. Sometimes, you’ll notice a wet spot in your home or yard. You’ll clean it up, not thinking much about it, only to find it has returned the next time you check. This is a sign that you have a plumbing leak somewhere nearby. The water has to go somewhere, so it’s pooling in your wet spot.
  5. You hear the sounds of water moving. If you aren’t running any water but you hear water moving through your pipes or dripping, you’ve got a leak somewhere. Your water should stop entirely when you aren’t intentionally using it. 
  6. Your water pressure is low. If you can’t get your water pressure up to where it normally is, you probably have a leak somewhere. If the leak is small, you may not notice this very much. However, any changes in water pressure should be checked out by a pro. 
  7. You find new cracks in your foundation. It’s not unusual for your foundation to crack a little as it settles over the years. However, if you start seeing a lot of cracks all at once, it could be a sign of a water leak. When too much water seeps out into the foundation and other structural components of your home, leaks eventually result. 

Other Types of Leaks

There are several reasons types of plumbing leaks that can cause issues and damage to you and your home. Is there a puddle around your water heater? This leak is a clear indicator that you need water heater repair soon. If you notice a foul smell and dead vegetation in your yard, you may have a sewer leak and require sewer line repair. Gas leaks are trademarked by their foul, sulfur smell. If you smell rotting eggs, are dizzy and/ or nauseus, call a professional plumber near you and evacuate immediately. Water, sewer, and gas leaks can go unnoticed until they cause significant damage and require costly repairs. If you think you may have a plumbing leak, call your local plumber for leak detection and repairs.

Call Rosenthal For Pipe & Leak Repair in Santa Cruz

If you are ever concerned about the possibility of a water leak, call us at Rosenthal Plumbing. We are experts in leak detection and have highly skilled and trained plumbers standing by. They can get to you fast, assess your home for leaks, and come up with a plan to seal your pipes up so your water can flow the way it is supposed to once again. Get the peace of mind you need when you make an appointment with Rosenthal Plumbing for pipe and leak repair today. 

Solving the Problem of Hard Water

If you have hard water, it can take a toll on your appliances, your dishes, your skin, and more. You don’t have to live with these problems! At Rosenthal Plumbing, we know how to evaluate your system for hard water and help you buy and install the best water conditioning systems to banish hard water forever. 

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Signs You Have Hard Water

water softener services santa cruz

Having hard water sounds awful, but it just means that certain minerals are more concentrated in your water than they are in other places. Install the proper water conditioner to remove these minerals, and your water will be soft again. You may have hard water if you are experiencing the following problems:

  • Dry skin. If you have dry skin year round — even when it’s not dry outside — you may have hard water. Some people are sensitive either to the minerals in the water itself or to the detergent that hard water struggles to completely wash off the body. Either way, the result can be skin that itches and flakes even when moisture levels in the surrounding air are high.
  • Soap scum. If you feel like you have to scrub your tub or your shower several times a week just to keep the soap scum at bay, it’s probably time to test for hard water. Minerals in your water can mix with chemicals in your soap, which causes scum in the first place. You can clean it as often as you want, but the scum won’t disappear until you solve the problem at its source.
  • Buildup around fixtures. If you notice a white or gray mineral buildup around the mouths of your faucets, you probably have hard water. The buildup happens when layers of water dry over time, leaving their mineral deposits behind. These can, ultimately, restrict the water flow in your faucet and shorten the life of your appliances. 
  • New clothing that looks old. Hard water can be hard on your clothes. If you notice that your colors seem to fade too fast, your clothing is scratchy, or it just doesn’t look as new as it should, hard water may be the culprit. It can combine with your detergent in ways that make the detergent less effective. 
  • Spots on your dishes. Do you feel like your dishes are never clean because, no matter what you do, they dry with white or gray spots on them? Hard water is probably your problem. The spots are similar to soap scum, caused by the combination of hard water and your detergent. These minerals will dry on your dishes every time you wash them until you get a water conditioner to solve your hard water problem. 

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If you have one or more of these problems, we will happily test your home for hard water. When we get the results, we’ll let you know and we’ll recommend the best water filtration or purification systems to solve your problem. We’ll oversee the installation of these units, too, so you can be sure that you are getting quality craftsmanship and the best savings around. Give us at Rosenthal Plumbing a call to schedule your water quality testing or water filtration installation in Santa Cruz.

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