7 Signs You Need Your Sewer Line Cleaned

A clogged sewer can become a big problem really fast! Because the clog blocks the pipe where all of the waste from your home flows into the main city sewer line, none of that nasty water will have a place to go. It may sit in the line or even flow backward into your home.

You can avoid this problem by catching your clog before it becomes such a huge problem. Look for these signs, call us when you see them, and we may be able to clean your sewer drain before you sustain any damage to your home.

Warning Signs

1. Your water drains slowly. If all of your drains seem to be running slow and nothing you do helps the problem, chances are good that you need to have your sewer line cleaned out. One slow drain usually doesn’t indicate a sewer problem, but more than one means it’s time to call the plumber.

2. You have multiple clogs. Similarly, if you have several places where your water doesn’t seem to be moving at all, call us as soon as possible. This often means that the clog lies deep in your sewer system, down in the sewer where all of the water eventually flows.

3. You smell sewage. When your sewer system is working well, it not only keeps waste out of your home but sewer smells, too. If you start smelling something nasty and it seems to be coming from everywhere at once, call a plumber soon before there’s more than just smells coming back into your house.

4. Your plumbing seems to be working oddly. Sewer clogs can cause various plumbing fixtures in your home to appear to have odd connections. Water may flow into your tub or shower when you flush the toilet. Running the washing machine may make a toilet overflow. If you notice any unusual interactions between your plumbing fixtures, call a plumber ASAP.

5. You see or hear bubbles. If you wash your hands and the toilet bubbles, or you notice any other bubbles in the system that you don’t expect to see, you may have a sewer clog. The bubbles indicate unnecessary air in your line, and this often results from a clogged sewer drain.

6. Your cleanout drain is blocked. These drains are installed in modern sewer systems. They may be in your basement or your yard. Check yours for sewage buildup or water dribbling out, as these both indicate a clog farther down the line.

7. Your yard is wet or lush in a few spots. If you notice extra water in your yard or that your vegetation is growing particularly well in a few places, it’s time to get your sewer line checked out. It may be leaking waste and wastewater into your yard, which can happen when you have a clog.

Santa Cruz Sewer Line Experts

We will locate the clog using our sewer line camera and make every effort to clean out your sewer line and make necessary repairs without digging up your yard. Trenchless sewer repair technology allows us to perform many operations without digging at all, so you won’t have to replace grass, concrete, and more. If this is an option for you, we’ll make sure you know.

Contact us at Rosenthal Plumbing as soon as you think you might need your sewer drain cleaned. We’ll send out an expert, assess the problem, and get it fixed for you fast!

How to Unclog a Drain without Drano

When your drains get clogged up, the first thing most people do is reach for some Drano. While it usually is a trusty source for fixing the problem, sometimes things are so bad that it doesn’t. There are a few other methods to unclog drains that you can try before you have to call a plumber for drain cleaning. Give these a shot to see if they remediate the issue at your property.

Plunge The Drain

Try grabbing a plunger if Drano won’t go down the drain. It doesn’t even need to be for a toilet! This method can work on any kind of clog, as long as it is sealed tightly around the drain.

Household Remedies

If there is even a slow amount of drainage happening, that is a good sign that you may be able to fix the issue. Wait until everything has gone down the drain, and then mix together equal parts baking soda and vinegar and let it sit in the drain. If the problem is very stubborn, you can use ½-1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar, plus a bit of water. After letting it sit there for 30-60 minutes, things should be flowing again.

Plumbing Snakes

A plumbing snake is a tool that looks like a long cable with a claw or hook on the end. You can get one at your local hardware store, and use it to thread down into the drain and break up or pull out the blockage.

Professional Drain Cleaning

If you’re not comfortable trying out these methods, or if they are not working, you need to call in a professional plumber for drain cleaning. The team at Rosenthal Plumbing is able to solve all your worries and concerns regarding clogged drains. Our experts are available now, so give us a call!

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Selling Your Home & The Santa Cruz Sewer Ordinance

What Do I Need to Do Before I Sell My House in Santa Cruz?

Did you know that home sellers have responsibilities to their buyers in Santa Cruz? Some of these involve ensuring that a home’s sewer system is working well so that new owners don’t encounter any problems.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re trying to sell your house in Santa Cruz. At Rosenthal, we would be happy to help you comply with all of the stipulations of the Santa Cruz sewer ordinance!

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What is a Sewer Scope?

In order to make sure that your sewer line is in great shape, you have to have it scoped by a licensed plumber before you sell your house. This means that we send a camera down your sewer line. The camera shows us the entirety of the line between your house and the street. This is the portion that you are responsible for keeping in good working order.

We know how to scope your sewer just the way the city specifies. We’ll make sure that your scope has all of the data necessary, then submit it to the city with our comments.

What Do I Do if There’s a Problem?

The city will evaluate your sewer video and let you know if they require you to do any sewer work before you sell the house. If they have requirements, give us a call and we’ll get them done for you fast. We know that you may need to move quickly and we’ll respect your timeline as best we can.

How Do I Submit My Documentation?

When we’ve completed work on your sewer, we’ll get you the documentation you need to prove to the city of Santa Cruz that you fixed all of the problems they noted. You will need to submit this yourself and wait to make sure the work is approved.

If you have any more questions about the sewer ordinance in Santa Cruz and what you need to do before you sell your home, give us a call at Rosenthal today. We’ll get you the answers you need and help you comply with the city’s requests.

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How to Save Money on Your Next Water Bill

Do you feel like you’re spending too much money on water? Do you care about the environment and you’d love to save water? No matter your reasoning, it’s a good idea all the way around to try to use less water. It’s good for the planet and good for your wallet, too. Here are some ways to get started.

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Take Shorter Showers

When you take a shower or a bath, you use quite a bit of water. Instead of staying in the water for 30 minutes or more, try cutting your showers down to 10 or 15 minutes. If you really like the warmth and the steam, run the hot shower for a while, until your bathroom steams up. Then shut the doors and the windows and turn off the fan, and turn off the hot water. You can still enjoy your warm steam for a while with the water turned off.

Install Low-Flow Appliances

You can put in toilets, shower heads, faucets, and more that use less water. You will need to be careful, as some of these don’t work as well as their regularly flowing counterparts, since they don’t send as much water your way. Specifically, be wary of some low-flow toilets. If you’d like to go this route, your friendly Rosenthal plumber can recommend some quality products.

Turn Off the Water

Do you let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth, shaving your legs, or lathering your dishes? If you turn it off, then turn it back on again when you need it, you’ll save water and money. There’s no reason to just let your water run down the drain when that’s costing you.

Keep Cold Water in Your Fridge

If you like to drink your water cold, you’re not alone. However, you don’t have to stand at the tap and wait for the water to cool down. Instead, keep cool water in a pitcher in your fridge. That way, you’ll have immediate access to cold water whenever you want it, but you won’t have to waste lukewarm water by letting it run down the drain.

Don’t Run Half Loads in Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher uses the same amount of water whether it is full or half-full. Thus, you’ll save money when you run it full because you won’t run as many loads. It may be a bit less convenient, especially if you have certain dishes you like to have washed every day but your dishwasher doesn’t fill that often. It’s worth the hassle when you’re saving money on water, though!

For more money saving tips on how to reduce you utility bills, give us at Rosenthal Plumbing a call. We can recommend the best energy efficient appliances or help install energy saving faucets and appliances.

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