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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Plumber

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Hiring a plumber can feel like an intimidating task. After all, it can be hard to know whether a particular person will do a good job, especially if you don’t know much about plumbing. While there’s no way to guarantee that you will get a good plumber, there are some things you can ask to hire the best possible person for the job.

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1) Are you licensed and insured?

Licensure is important because it indicates that a plumber has completed the necessary education to work in your area. You may also want to ask about additional or special certifications, especially if the plumber has some that pertain to your job.

Insurance is key because you don’t want to be held financially responsible if your plumber gets injured while working in your home. While it may not seem likely, these things can happen and your plumber should have the proper insurance just in case they do.

2) Have you done projects like this before?

While experience with projects exactly like yours isn’t necessarily essential, it can give you peace of mind. If you know that your plumber has successfully completed projects like the one you’re having done, it might mean that he is more likely to complete yours to your satisfaction, too.

3) Can you get me a free estimate?

You should be able to get free estimates for most jobs. You may have to pay a nominal fee for an estimate under certain circumstances, but don’t do this unless every plumber you call asks for a fee. In most areas, this is NOT a standard operating procedure.

4) What is included in your service?

Make sure you know what is included in your estimate. For instance, some plumbers charge extra for cleanup, especially on large projects. It may be worth the cost, but you’ll want to know ahead of time which estimates include this service and which do not. Ask for a complete list of what each estimate includes.

5) Do you have satisfied customers I can talk to?

Any plumber you’re considering working with should be able to give you the names and numbers of people they’ve worked with before. Call these people and ask them what the plumber was like to work with before you decide who to hire.

Bonus: What kind of precautions are you taking during COVID-19 quarantine, if any?

During this unprecedented time, it’s especially important for businesses to serve customers safely. Be sure to ask your plumber if they’re taking any extra cleaning measures or physical distancing precautions to help prevent the spread of this coronavirus.

At Rosenthal Plumbing, we would be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have. Call our expert Santa Cruz plumbers today for plumbing services!

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