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sinks faucets watsonville caWhen there’s a problem with your sinks and faucets in Watsonville, CA, call us at Rosenthal to help you get everything working again. There’s no problem too big or too small for our skilled, expert plumbers to handle, and we want to help alleviate the stress that can come when something isn’t working in your home or business.

Clogged Sink Drains

We see clogged kitchen and bathroom sinks all the time! Sometimes, something foreign accidentally washes down the drain and it just doesn’t work right anymore. Other times, minerals, soap residue, and other things build up over time, causing a clog that forms slowly.

A drain that clogs quickly will suddenly stop working, and then it’s clear that you need to fix your drain. Other times, though, the clog will form over time You may notice that your sink sometimes drains slowly or that there is water standing in it hours after the last use. These are signs that a clog is forming, and you probably want to get it cleared soon, so it doesn’t clog completely and leave you without the use of your sink.

When our plumbers come to fix your clogged sink, they will first assess the problem. They’ll determine where the clog is most likely to be and which tools they’ll need to complete the job. Only then will they begin working on your sink.

Broken Faucets

Another common sink problem is a broken faucet. This can mean a faucet that sprays water everywhere, one that leaks at its base, or one that drips even after you’ve turned it completely off. When your faucet doesn’t work, it usually means that your sink is out of commission until it’s fixed! We know how inconvenient that is! Call us at Rosenthal, and we’ll have someone out as soon as possible.

Reliable, Courteous Service

No matter the problem with your sink or faucet, when you call Rosenthal you are in good hands. We make sure our plumbers are skilled before we hire them, and we work with them to make sure they keep up on the latest in plumbing technology. We want you to rest assured that, when a plumber in Watsonville comes to your home, you are getting the very best there is in plumbing knowledge.

We also train our plumbers to treat your home as if it was their own. They will take precautions to make sure that nothing in your home sustains damage or gets dirty while they are there. They will clean up after themselves, and will be polite and respectful while they’re in your home. We want to show you, in every possible way, that you are a highly valued customer.

We Understand Plumbing Problems are Stressful.

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