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Water Leak Detection in Los Gatos, CA

water leak detection los gatos

Do you think you might have a water leak in your home or under the slab foundation of your house? This can feel daunting, as a homeowner, especially if you haven’t dealt with something like this before. Take the first step towards fixing your problem when you call us at Rosenthal for water leak detection in Los Gatos, CA. We’ll come out to you as fast as we can and set our expert team to work for you. Pretty soon, you’ll know if you have a leak, where it is, and how we plan to fix it for you.

Not sure if you need water leak detection in Los Gatos, CA? Here are some signs that you may have a hidden leak:

  • Your water bill keeps going up. If you aren’t using any extra water anywhere, then your bill should stay the same. If it keeps going up, it’s time to have someone come find out where all of that water is going so you can save money in the future.
  • You hear running water. If you hear sounds of water moving but the water isn’t on anywhere, there’s a good chance you have a hidden leak.
  • You see signs of moisture in unexpected places. Do you have parts of your lawn that are unexpectedly wet, or do you have damp floors, ceiling, walls, or more? That water has to come from somewhere and it’s usually a leak.

We will apply our best in water leak detection in Los Gatos, CA to your problem. You can count on an experienced Santa Cruz plumbing company that has been serving Los Gatos for over 30 years! We’ll find your leak and fix it as fast as we can so you don’t have to worry anymore.

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