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Water Heater Service in Los Gatos, CA

water heater repair los gatos

When you need water heater service in Los Gatos, call on the expert plumbers at Rosenthal. We understand that you need your water heater to work properly so that you can focus on things that are more important to you. We would love to take the stress of the repair on ourselves, so you can spend your energy on these other things.

Water Heater Repair Service

When your water heater dies entirely, you know it’s time to call in a professional for water heater replacement. However, some water heaters will let you know before they die that they need help, if you know what to look for. Spot these signs, give us a call, and we’ll be there to provide water heater repair in Los Gatos.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Pay attention to how hot your water gets and how much hot water you seem to have. If your hot water doesn’t seem as hot as it used to be, check your water heater settings first. These can get bumped or changed accidentally, which can cause your water to stop heating. If these are set where you want them and your water still isn’t heating well, call in a professional. Similarly, if your hot water doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to, it’s time for some water heater repair in Los Gatos.

You can listen, too, to see if your water heater needs some help. It should work almost silently, without a lot of clunks or bangs. If you hear these noises, something has gone wrong and it’s time to call in a pro to check it out.

Water Heater Replacement & Installation

When your water heater is beyond repair and it’s time for water heater replacement in Los Gatos, Rosenthal Plumbing will help you get a great new heater and install it correctly. We’ll even oversee ordering it and its delivery! Once we finish the water heater installation process, we’ll test everything out; we don’t leave until you have the hot water you need!

Call The Los Gatos Water Heater Experts At Rosenthal Plumbing Today

Regardless of what’s going on with your hot water, trust Rosenthal Plumbing when you need dependable water heater service in Los Gatos, CA. Our friendly and experienced Santa Cruz plumbers are standing by to help with water heater repair, maintenance, installation or replacement in Los Gatos. Give us a call today!

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