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Sewage Pumps in Los Gatos, CA

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Are you having trouble with your sewage pumps in Los Gatos? Many homeowners don’t even know what a sewage pump is until something goes wrong with theirs. Then it can be an emergency, though this isn’t always true. Here’s what you need to know to get your sewage pump problem taken care of fast.

Los Gatos Sewage Pumps 101

The purpose of a sewage pump is to move sewage from one location to another. Most of the time, sewer systems work based on gravity. The pipe’s origin is higher than the place where it meets the city sewer in the street or where it joins with a septic tank, so the sewage drains naturally and ends up where it belongs.

Sewage pumps in Los Gatos are used when the sewage generated is actually lower than the line in the street. If you have a basement bathroom, for instance, sewage generated here may not have enough of a slope to end up in the city sewer. That’s where sewage pumps come in handy. They simply pump your sewage until it’s where it needs to be.

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Problems arise when these pumps stop working. They can cause massive backups and backflow of sewage into your home. Needless to say, this is not at all what you want. At the first sign of a bad smell or regular backups, call us at Rosenthal. We are a Santa Cruz plumbing company that brings all of our skills to each of our Los Gatos plumbing service calls! We will come to examine your sewer pumps in Los Gatos and fix whatever has broken. When you call us early, you stand the best possible chance of avoiding a plumbing catastrophe.

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