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Resources – Water Conditioning

While the water that makes it into your home is tested to make sure that it is good for eating, cooking, bathing, and more, that doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Some people are more sensitive to water issues than others. If the smell, taste, or look of your water is bothering you, there are definitely some things you can do to make it better.

Common Water Issues

If your water is a funny color, that means that something else has gotten mixed in with it, somewhere along the way. Usually the water is cloudy, though it may have a colored tinge to it, too. Usually, it means that silt particles have gotten stirred up somewhere in the plumbing and are suspended in your water. The colors can also mean that something is oxidizing and the oxidation is getting mixed into your water. This isn’t dangerous but it usually means there’s a plumbing problem somewhere.

Sometimes, you water smells bad. If it’s like you have rotten eggs mixed into your water, that indicates that there are sulfides somewhere in the supply or the plumbing system.

Your water may look fine, but it may leave blue or green stains on your fixtures. This indicates the presence of corrosive agents in your water. It can also mean that your water has a low PH level.

Your water may also leave a gray or white film on your plumbing fixtures. This usually means that you have hard water, which is another way of saying that your water has higher levels of certain minerals in it. When the water dries, the minerals are left behind and that is the film that you see. The most common minerals in hard water are calcium and magnesium, though there can be many others, too.

When your water has a problem, it’s important to figure out if the problem originates in your plumbing system or in the water supply itself. If there’s a problem, fixing it will usually fix your water problems, too. If the problem is in your supply, there’s usually a way to process your water so that you can avoid the issue.

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Solving Common Water Issues

If your water is discolored and the problem is in the supply, we can help you find a water filtration system that will take these small pieces of suspended silt out before you use the water. If, however, the discoloration is from oxidation, we will need to figure out which pipes need to be replaced to solve the issue.

Bad smelling water can usually be cured by installing a water treatment system. These systems remove sulfides and many other chemicals that cause those bad smells. Once the system is installed, you shouldn’t have to smell your water anymore!

Similarly, water treatment systems can help with water that’s corrosive. You can add acid neutralizing agents to the water, which raises the PH and makes it much less corrosive. This isn’t only good for you, but it means that your pipes and fixtures may last longer.

Hard water is one of the most common water problems out there, and we suggest adding a water softener to your plumbing system. These last a long time and can drastically improve the quality of your water. They act by removing the minerals that are causing your water to be hard.

When you’re installing a water softening system, it’s important to have your water tested first. The mineral composition in your water is usually specific to your area, and your plumber can help set up your softening system based on the specific minerals you find in your home’s water supply.

If you need help with your water, give us a call. Our expert plumbers love to help you solve these problems, because they know that you need a good water supply to live well. We’ll show you why so many people in the area turn to Rosenthal for all their plumbing needs.

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