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Resources-Sewer Lines

Are you concerned about your sewer lines? Wondering if you need some work done on yours or need to get it replaced altogether? We get these calls all the time and there are some things to look for. If you see one or more of these signs in your home, it’s time to give us a call. And don’t worry! We know how to make sewer line repairs as easy and stress-free as possible.

Sign it's Time to Look at Your Sewer

If you’re wondering whether you should call us about performing some sewer repairs, here’s what you should look for. These don’t necessarily mean that you have to repair your sewer, but they are indications that it’s time to have someone take a good look at your whole plumbing system.

  • You have wet, smelly spots in your yard. Unfortunately, if there’s a leak in your sewer line, it means that waste is getting into your yard. Much of this is liquid, thanks to all the water we put down our drains, and it can make your grass or shrubbery wet. This may seem like a good thing until you remember what sewer waste smells like. If you smell this smell consistently in your yard, then it’s time to call someone to have a look.
  • Your drains all back up at once. It’s normal for a drain to back up here and there, but if you notice that yours always seem to all stop working at the same time, it’s probably time to give someone a call. The system-wide backups can mean that there is a clog deep in your system, quite possibly in your sewer line.
  • You have extra green, lush patches in your yard. Sewer waste, while smelly and gross, provides great fertilizer for many plants. If you notice that your yard seems to be growing especially well in one or more spots, and you don’t have another explanation for that growth, then it’s time to have a plumber check your sewer line.
  • You have damp spots in your basement. Damage to the sewer line can cause sewage to backflow into your home. This most often happens in the basement, around the drains and the sewer access. If you notice wet marks down there that don’t have another explanation, it’s time to have the sewer checked.
  • Your house smells like rotten eggs. While the sewer is built to move waste away from your home, it’s also designed to keep sewer smells away, too. If you find that you keep smelling sewage, which often smells like rotten eggs, it’s a sign you have a sewer problem. Even if there’s no water or waste that you can see, get things checked out before the problem gets worse.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do to check out your sewer on your own. You’ll need to call a plumber and have them come take a look. We’d be happy to do that for you, if you’re noticing signs of a sewer problem.

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The Latest Technology in Sewer Repair

When we come take a look at your sewer, rest assured that we will utilize the latest technology in examining your sewer and in repairing or replacing it. What does this mean for you?

It used to be that sewer repair meant a major life disruption. The whole process took days, if not weeks, because plumbers had to dig down to your sewer line, then dig a trench alongside it all the way to the street. Along the way, they would look for signs of a problem, repairing or replacing the line as they went.

This was a huge hassle. Homeowners would have to take off work, then watch their whole yard (and sometimes things like sidewalks and driveways, too) get dug up, just to find the problem. As you can imagine, these repairs were horrifically expensive and left no one really happy. Many homeowners found that they had to redo their entire front yards after having a sewer repair done.

It’s no wonder so many people balk at the very thought of having their sewer examined, if this is what they think that means! It’s also no wonder that people put off sewer repairs until the very last minute, which can end up causing catastrophic damage to the home if the problem gets too bad before they deal with it.

Modern sewer repair is so much easier! Now, we use something called trenchless technology. Instead of digging up your yard, we access your sewer through the access point in your basement. We can send all sorts of things, remotely, down your pipes.

We start with a camera attached to a long, flexible pipe. This camera allows us to see the sewer line and pinpoint exactly where the problem exists. We can see leaks, blockages, and more. Once we have finished with the camera, we can repair your sewer in similar ways. We send the necessary parts down the pipe remotely, then place them using more remote technology.

For the most part, we never have to dig holes at all anymore! Even complex sewer repairs can take place entirely from the comfort and confines of your basement. Sometimes, we do have to dig small holes. These help our remotes locate the exact location where a repair needs to be made. But these holes are rarely disruptive and are usually easy to fill and landscape over.

If you need a sewer repair or replacement, we’ll come out and use our trenchless sewer technology for you. Let us show you how we save you time, stress, and money by making your life so much easier. Anymore, many homeowners tell us that their sewer repair wasn’t nearly as bad as they thought it would be!

It’s important that you never attempt a sewer repair by yourself. The gases involved can be toxic, and you probably don’t own the right gear to deal with them. We’ll put on protective gear and get the problem solved for you!

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